To ensure informed decisions, I would first learn as much as I can about all the work the school committee oversees. With my deep expertise in the many areas that the school committee is responsible for, I can immediately start the work. 

I would collaborate with the committee and the superintendent in conducting a comprehensive analysis of student achievement and strategic review of budgets. I would prioritize community engagement and collaborating with groups such as Select Board, Parks and Rec, SEPAC, and DEI, to gain insight into past decisions.  We would work together to continue the positive momentum and prioritize any new issues or opportunities that are identified.

Together, we would advocate for optimal allocation of resources, equitable implementation of policies, assessment of effectiveness of educational initiatives, transparent, two-way communication and trust between the community and the committee, and long-term financial planning to maximize success for all learners and drive continual improvement throughout SPS. 

ceci in playground
tyler in classroom

My Thoughts

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be sharing a series of brief videos where I’ll offer my insights on a range of issues impacting SPS.

Varying perspectives are incredibly valuable to me, so I encourage you to share any thoughts or feedback you might have. Furthermore, if there are specific subjects you’d like me to explore, please feel free to let me know. Your input is not just welcomed—it’s essential.

Sudbury Weekly Interview

See my answers to questions regarding my vision, Covid-19 learning loss, SPS book policies, curriculum, budget, teacher contracts, DEI, and school committee responsibilities. 

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Sudbury Patch Interview

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How do I vote?

Instead of posting my own video about this, I will send you a link to an amazing resource that we have in Sudbury – the League of Women Voters.  https://www.lwvsudbury.org/faqs-march-2024

They have clear answers for all election related questions such as how do I register to vote, how do I learn about the candidates, can I vote by mail, etc.   Please let me know if you have any further questions.